Modelling Industry Exposure

Modelling Industry Exposure

Virtual Voyage College of Innovation provides a professional degree / diploma in a number of courses that are experience oriented.

Industry Exposure in a field like Modelling strengthens a student’s CV. The College organizes such activities and events which imparts quality education among students and gives them an edge over others.

Our activities include:

  • In house competitions
  • Workshops by professionals
  • Fashion shows
  • Preparation for auditions
  • Special weekend classes
  • Portfolio making
  • Educational trips
  • Attending fashion shows
  • Assisting backstage for shows
  • PD development

Exposures to the Modelling Industry help students with:

Confidence Ability to network and market yourself Resilience Self-discipline An analytical mind Ability to self-reflect Flexibility Teamwork Organizational skills Time management. The institute invites industry professionals and renowned models to speak to our students, conduct seminars and share their experiences about the industry.

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