The basic of fashion is the idea of a personal style. A personal style is the apparel you wear on a daily basis that represents who you are and how you feel that day. Everyone has a personal style in clothes, whether you love fashion or despise it. Fashion is actually an art form that is based on society surrounding us.If you are aware about fashion and designing concepts, it’s easy to judge a person through their apparel and styling.

we can make out about their demographics and geographics easily. As the best college for fashion designing in Indore – Virtual Voyage College with various fashion designing courses promises you that you will learn much more than you will expect. Society gets their ideas about trends through the economy, personality, and their background. Because the economy is forever changing, people’s personalities are never exactly the same, and people take different ideas from their backgrounds because of their personality, there is always going to be new trends and fashion created throughout the end of the earth. Fashion Designing is one of the most appealing, glamorous and exciting career options these days. In India itself various fashion designing institutes are offering career courses in this field viz. NID, NIFT, IIFD, INIFD, Pearl Academy, JD Institute, Symbiosis Pune, Arch Institute, Vogue Institute Bangalore. Even in Indore WLCI College, Eves Institute, Graffiti Institute, SDPS, ATDC, College of Design & Technology, Women’s Polytechnic are there, but Virtual Voyage College Indore is known among top 10 fashion design institutes in India and No. 1 fashion design institute in Indore for its different fashion designing courses, unique training methodology, huge & beautiful campus and presence of nationally acclaimed fashion design industry professionals as mentor, guide & faculty.


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    Problem solving and critical thinking skills come in handy for a successful career in corporate. Establishing efficient communication in a for-profit and not-for-profit organization is of utmost importance since it drives results and professional relationships.

    Through our distinctive Design and Communication Management Courses, students will be able to methodically plan corporate events. A foolproof training in social media management, media relations, leadership, and creative thinking will differentiate them from their contemporaries.
    Moreover, training in popular segments like interface design, web design, interactive designs, infographics, virtual reality, and information design will help them ideate and persuade perfectly.

    Communication Design is a professional program for students who want to explore novel skills of communication and who have the creative potential to switch from words to images in a traditional and innovative media smoothly. Communication design is a mixed discipline of design and information-development, which is concerned with how media interventions such as printed, crafted, electronic media or presentations communicate with people.