The founder of the college, Mr Abhay Jain belonged to humble background of Khargone district M.P. After completing his engineering, he faced the adversities of acquiring a job due to lack of employability skills and limited knowledge of English. Thus was born the dream of establishing a college with the aim to elevate the phenomenon of skill-based education in the country. The dream of Virtual Voyage College turned into reality with its establishment in 2004 and over the years, the organization has developed as a trendsetter and leader in Vocational Education not just in Central India but the entire nation.

Virtual Voyage College of Art, Design, Media and Management is an education hub one of its kind which offers a plethora of New Age Courses under one roof in a formal academic environment. The campus has introduced secondary hobby based or passion courses as mainstream career courses.

Understanding the need of the hour, the organisation counsels the youth who are passionate but clueless and unaware of the futuristic opportunities. The institute helps and encourages the students to recognize their own skills, abilities, creativity, and thus guides them to chose a field which moulds their passion into a promising career.
The man behind this passionate venture, Mr Abhay Jain has also been featured in the book curated by IIM students “Small Big Bang” as a die-hard Entrepreneur who opened frontiers for young minds, who are not convinced by the old school of thought and don’t wish to follow the herd of opting traditional courses.