Event Management Industry Exposure

Event Management Industry Exposure

Industry exposure in Event Management is extremely necessary to understand how application of theory works.

Theory creates a strong foundation for practical work however its implementation determines an individual’s capabilities. Virtual Voyage College creates a balance between theory and practice for fine results. Our students are always looking for opportunities to gain experience in their opted field by applying at various Event Planning firm; the institute helps them build their resume as per the need and requirement of a firm.

The institute indulges their students to be a part of various in-house and outdoor events so that the students get a first-hand experience of the real life pressure of organizing an event.

Students pursuing B.B.A and M.B.A in Event Management have been a part of the following events:
– Annual Conference (Round Square)
– BAJA 2011
– BAJA 2013
– BAJA 2014
– Bhaskar Educational Fair
– BAJA 2014
– BAJA SAE India 2016
– SWARDA (Singing Event)
– IIM Indore Fashion Show
– National Textile Summit 2013
– Global Investors Summit 2014

Virtual Voyage College of Innovation also invites industry experts to mentor students, conduct specific workshops and recruit the aspiring scholars for various events.

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