Do you want to – Discover your creativity!! Define your vision!! Share your talent with the world!! Brand is a name, term, representation, design or a combination of all these intended to recognize a product or service of a seller or a group of sellers.

The acceptance of a company greatly depends upon the brand. It is an identity of the company and/or their products in the market. A successful brand can only be created through an efficient brand management arrangement. Brand management is the procedure of identifying and managing marketing techniques for a particular service or product to increase its market value, and popularity among the customers.

It also involves managing the concrete and intangible elements of a brand such as cost, customer satisfaction, in-store presentation and competition. Brand management plays a broad and significant role in almost every business organization or a company. Most companies employ a brand manager to manage and sustain their brands according to the market trends.

A Brand Manager is a person who recognizes a brand that will cater to consumers and work out marketing strategies to establish brands in the market. They plan, develop and direct the marketing efforts for a particular product. Brand managers may deal with various kinds of brands in the market, such as premium brand, economy brand, fighting brand, commercial brand, family brand, individual brand, brand extension principal, private branding etc. and they should know.

For 2020-21 Admissions


    Courses / Streams

    Diploma / Certificate

    UG/PG Diploma in Digital Media Management (DDM) or Certificate Course in Digital Media Management ( C2DM) (Level 1)

    Advance Certificate Course in Digital Media Management AC2DM (Level 2)

    Specialized Certificate Course in Digital Media Management SC2DM (Level 3) -1 Year

    UG/PG Diploma in Events Management (DEM) or Certificate Course in Events Management ( C2EM) (Level 1) -1 Year

    Advance Certificate Course in Events Management (AC2EM) (Level 2) -1 Year

    Specialized Certificate Course in Events Management (SC2EM (Level 3) -1 Year

    Eligibility:- Graduation (Any Subject/ Discipline)

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