We don’t believe in the conventional. Our courses are a testimony to that.

Virtual Voyage College provides an unshakeable and a mighty platform for modern courses. There was a time when Digital Media Management, Advertising and Public Relations, Design and Communication Management, CSR and NGO Management, Dancing and Choreography, and a posse of other unconventional disciplines did not get the rubber stamp. Therefore, students veered toward engineering, medicine, management, and law.

Times have changed, and the changes are mighty evident. Social media has revolutionized the way organizations and businesses run. Now, the businesses are actively seeking the ‘disruptors’ – artists and creators who can help them in sprouting their work by employing novel skills and strategies.

Demands for social media analysts, brand managers, graphic designers, digital media managers, retail managers, et al has increased manifold. Even students are not shying away from breaking the mould. Therefore, it is imperative to provide them with the right courses, skilled faculties, and promising career opportunities. Virtual Voyage is pushing the envelope every day. It provides an extensive range of 34 modern courses that hone students’ skills whilst adding new supplements.

Through our distinctive Design and Communication Management Courses, students will be able to strategically plan a number of events – corporate, commercial, official, et al. Our courses are designed to imbue students with creative skills; we sincerely focus on practical work because we believe first-hand experiences are incredible teachers.

Similarly, we don’t shy away from going the extra mile for language courses. Our English Literature Course promises to be nothing short of an artistic voyage. It will expose students to the wonderful world of literature whilst making then ponder and pause.

As our courses involve rigorous training, we ensure our students get abundant time to repose. We believe in harnessing the power of mind through yoga and sports. Our well-thought-out Physical Fitness Courses give students the opportunity to learn new segments that will help them in retaining their industriousness.

The fact cannot be refuted that PR and Advertising are on the crest of a wave. Companies are constantly coming up with new strategies to brand their products and forge new relationships. Be it smart communication or foolproof advertising plans, it is necessary to higher industrious PR people who are quick on the uptake. Our Advertising and PR Management Courses provide students with hands-on training modules on production of campaigns, corporate communication, media strategies, and allied services.

Our college is a haven for people who are not afraid to select the unconventional; people who are not afraid to go the extra mile. Choose what drives you – Electronic Media Courses, Multimedia (Graphic & web Design) Courses, Hotel Management Courses, Aviation& Hospitality Management Courses, Beauty, Personal Care & salon Management Course, UI & UX (User Interactive & User Experience) Design Courses, Advertising& Public Relations Management, Media& entertainment Business Management, Design& Communication Management, Retail Management Courses, CSR & NGO Management Courses, Brand Management Courses, English Literature, Film Making Courses, Performing Arts Courses, Fine Arts Courses, Hardware& Networking Courses, Computerised Financial Accounting Courses, Acting, Theatre Art Courses, Modeling Courses, Radio Jockey (RJing),Anchoring, Video Jockey (VJing) Courses, Photography, Cinematography, Videography Courses, Dancing ,Choreography Courses, Design Institution’s Entrance Exams Coaching, Spoken English & Personality Development & Foreign Languages, Web Design & Development, and let us work together.