USP of Virtual Voyage College is not just infrastructure, its brilliant students or eminent faculties, it is actually our ability to incubate & boost latent talents – underlying potential of our students. Like a diligent craftsmen, our team moulds, carves, finishes every little capability we envision in our students, by engrossing them in our colourful, proactive & incredibly engaging CLUBS. Each club is designed primarily keeping the need to nurture & chisel the talent of students & secondary expose to them with real life Industry experience while they are still in college. We take pride is telling you all these cells/Clubs are not only performing exemplary, but are managed & operated solely by student army, with minimal leadership & pervasive mentorship of our teachers.

Seven cells serve seven rare niches, and attract students with distinct requisites & expectations. Joining “The USP cell” inculcates Leadership qualities, Management, Independence, Confidence, improves communication skills, Learning while doing, facilitates Industry Experience & Exposure, etc.We advice all our students not only to participate but be part of multiple clubs, wore some responsibilities & see how Opportunities hop on their way to success.