Performing Arts

Performing Arts

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Performing Art includes several disciplines such as dance, theatre, music etc, there are various career options available. Programs are varied and provide students with an education in many different areas.

Virtual Voyage College programs focus is highly pragmatic and vigorously plunge you into cutting-edge, multidisciplinary practice which prepares you to enter the competitive industry. We offer programs at the different levels including certificate, diploma, the undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree. The motive behind these courses is to train students efficiently in various categories of performing arts. We are committed to providing a free, informed and critical environment for the growth and development of art.
Talent and performing art pursued is the deciding factor in terms of an artist’s future.

Those who possess knowledge and skills in performing arts apart from freelancing one may choose career paths depending on the area of specialization. Career available in the performing arts sector includes some of the following:

Various Career Prospects are:

  • Actor or actress
  • Ballet or modern dancer
  • Musician
  • Makeup artist
  • Choreographer
  • Set designer
  • Community arts worker
  • Drama therapist
  • Music therapist
  • Theatre director
  • performing artists
  • stage supervisors
  • Dramatization instructors
  • TV analysts
  • Makers and moderators
  • Expressions overseers
  • Anchor
  • Radio Jockey
  • Video Jockey
  • Model
  • Essayists and many more……

The most common employers of performing arts graduates include:
Local government, advertising, promoting and publication industry, arts organizations, education institutions, The National Health Service (NHS), Leisure companies, voluntary organizations etc

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  • Fully air-conditioned & Spacious classrooms equipped with the latest teaching aids along with network connectivity, with the latest audio-visual aids to facilitate presentations which makes learning a truly stimulating experience.
  • The infrastructure of college; classes and studio are built according to the course requirement. It facilitates necessary setups required for practical learning.
  • Studio facilitates soundproof recordings, chroma shoots etc.
  • The college has all the required and necessary equipment for the smooth functioning of various programs.
  • The college has a well-stocked reference library. The internet facility is also available for students.
  • On completion of the course, the student automatically becomes the member of Alumni group, even as one leaves the campus, he/she remains an important part of our family.
  • Association with National and International employers in the industry gives us an extra edge in the development of the curriculum.
  • Classes of Acting, Dance, Modeling, Photography, Rjing, Djing, Anchoring etc are conducted by industry stalwarts.
  • The experienced faculty provides robust support to the students and provides full assistance in their respective programmes.
  • At Virtual Voyage College, students build strong connections through internships, mentorships, field studies, capstone projects and volunteer opportunities.
  • Foster theoretical and experiential learning programs that provide quality, innovative experiences for students.
  • Students learn through ample of opportunities that are smoothly weaved in the curriculum. Students participate in various shows, competitions, ramp walks, dance, drama, anchoring etc.
  • Assured training and placement assistance.

B.P.A (Bachelor of Performing Arts) – 2 Years

Eligibility Criteria – 10+2 (Any Subject/ Discipline)

The Bachelor of Performing Arts degree course involves the integrated study of, music and dance practices. Students will learn the theory as well the on-stage performance skills through this course. The course is quite challenging and will interest students with a creative bend, those like to be in the limelight and love to perform on stage. Our Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts is an opportunity for students to train themselves, express ideas and emotions through dance or music. The course offers conceptual knowledge, a thorough grounding in techniques and grammar, and of course, training in performance. Students must specialize in one of the art forms out of the three categories- Dance (Indian classical), Music which are offered at virtual voyage.

M.P.A (Master of Performing Arts) – 2 Years

Eligibility Criteria – Graduation (Any Subject/ Discipline)

The Performing Arts have been around throughout history. Even in ancient cultures, there was a demand for individuals who could entertain others. In some cases, these culturally important disciplines still exist today, providing virtually the same level of entertainment and social commentary they did then. Students who have already completed a Master Degree in Performing Arts will likely want to continue their studies to learn more in-depth information and skills in their specific area of focus.
Enrolling in a Masters Degree in the Performing Arts focuses on providing education at a higher level with more in-depth information being shared. After completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in this area, many students begin to work in the field. By taking master’s level education on, students are able to learn more and become experts in their chosen field. This allows for better job availability and numerous potential advancements in current careers.

There are many types of disciplines in the field of Performing Arts. This includes music, such as everything from music education to orchestra. Oral literature is another field, which includes storytelling and public speaking. Dance is an area that focuses on choreography and dance notion. The film includes animation, live action, and film theory. And theatre offers a focus on acting, directing, history, and much more.

C2PA {Certificate Course in Performing Arts (Acting/Dancing/Choreography/Modeling)}- 1 Year

Eligibility Criteria – None (Anyone can do it)

Diploma in performing arts prepare graduates for a range of careers within the industry. Upon completion of the core fundamentals, students may choose to focus their education in the areas of dance, music, or film. Graduates can become performers, drama teachers, choreographers, stage managers, or theatre consultants.

Ph.D. In Performing Arts (In any specific remarkable subject related to Performing Arts) – 3 Years

Eligibility Criteria – Master’s Degree

Ph.D. in Performing Arts (Full time and Part time) is a Research Degree programme for Practitioners of Performing Arts i.e., Dance, Music and Theatre, Art/Dance Historians and Performing Arts Enthusiasts who would be passionate to research in Performing Arts with an Inter-Disciplinary Approach in their chosen field. The primary aim of the course is the cultivation of Research Scholars and Academicians in Performing Arts, and also a purpose to generate and disseminate quantitative and Qualitative rigorous research that ultimately contributes to the substantial growth of the Art field in terms of Theory Building.

Ankita Mishra, Actor

Virtual voyage has given such a confidence that has upheld me in taking a step ahead to my dreams.  

Ankita Mishra, Actor, Model, Anchor & Singer


Ankita Mishra, Actor, Model, Anchor & Singer

Helping your students decide whether to work during high school is an important discussion that can have repercussions on their success in high school and beyond.

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