Another Feather in Your Cap

Another Feather in Your Cap
Perks of Learning a New Skill

Have you ever wondered why pottery and French/Spanish/German classes never lose their sheen? These activities or a loose term ‘hobby’ imparts a sense of fulfilment and novelty to those who undertake them.

Some people convert their hobbies into a profession. This conversion is not unusual. From the last four years, students are enthusiastically opting for modern courses. Unconventional courses like fashion design, advertising and PR, event management, interior design, etc., are gaining traction. The courses that were once labelled as ‘trivial’ or ‘unproductive’ have now become popular and respectable fields.
Keeping this transformation in mind, the best college in Indore Virtual Voyage has introduced 34 modern courses that promise students the career they want whilst enjoying what they love doing the most. VVU methodically planned the courses and associated activities so that students don’t find themselves at their wits’ end; VVU wants its students to move ahead with zeal and not repentance.

These courses are capsules of skills that one pops to lead a life laced with satisfaction, glories, and profitability.
Moreover, learning new skills benefits us in multiple ways. Our perception alters; we become calm and composed. We also become less critical and more grateful. We start noticing the minuscule details about everything that surrounds us.
If you want to give any new skill a whirl, don’t let anything stop you from taking the first step.

Here are a few perks of learning a new skill –

  • Chemistry of your brain morphs
  • Myelin, the white matter in your brain is associated with performance improvement. It also increases the speed of electrical communication between neurons. The more you learn, the denser it becomes. Consequently, your learning abilities wax. You can always exercise your mind without resigning anything to oblivion.

  • Your grasping power speeds up
  • Needless to say, if you are learning more, you are utilizing your brain’s capabilities to the fullest. Learning also improves your memory. When neurons are stimulated in the brain, more neural pathways are formed and electrical impulses travel faster across them as you attempt to suss out new information. When more pathways are formed, impulses travel faster.

  • Your social circuit improves
  • By undertaking a new activity/skill, you will be rubbing shoulders with a number of people. You will meet people from different walks of life, and they will influence you in multiple ways. Expansion of one’s social circle is a direct consequence of learning something new. Meeting new people automatically exposes you to distinctive (sometimes opposite) ideologies. This exposure tends to make you open-minded, patient, and wise.

  • Your personality becomes interesting
  • Interesting people are like flowers that attract honey bees for nectar. Various aspects of your personality will significantly and patently improve. You will become a source of awe and inspiration. As a consequence, your social bar graph will increase.

  • Boredom no more looks like a black hole
  • Boredom, which plagued you before you acquired that new skill, won’t feel like a black hole. You will be able to utilize your free time by indulging in perfecting the newly learnt skill. Go ahead; pick those paintbrushes or learn a new language!

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