“Education is not only a ladder of opportunity, but also an investment in our future”

Education is one of the most important investments one ever makes during their lifetime because it pays back many times over throughout one’s life.

We believe each student has right to appropriate and excellent education irrespective of his/her financial or circumstantial limitations, Virtual Voyage College offers multitude of options to provide financial assistance to earnest, enthusiastic and unwavering students who are determined and self driven to take charge of their life and are willing to transform their unfavourable and adverse circumstances.
We’ve rounded up a selection of scholarship for any and every kind of courses in form of fee waivers and grants. The scholarships are acquired through various means; Social Welfare Organisations, Government departments, NGO’s and our own foundation “Virtual Voyage Foundation”
The applicant must appear for a scholarship test and accordingly the percentage of grant will be determined. Students can acquire scholarship upto 100%
To seek financial counselings and know about various grants, get in touch with us and schedule an appointment with us.

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