Mr. Vivek Tripathi holds an MBA in finance & strategy with more than 14 years of diversified business experience in corporate banking, corporate finance, construction funding, mortgages and Textile Industry. With core specialization in Business Banking, Corporate Realty Financing, Structured Finance and Risk Management. He has been associated with organizations like ICICI Bank, Reliance Capital, Sintex industries & Grasim and is currently with Au Financier (India) Ltd.


Mr. Vivek Tripathi

Mr. Vivek Tripathi

In his words :

I have known Mr. Abhay Jain from the time we studied together. We were batchmates studying different fields of engineering in the same college.

I still remember when we first came to Indore and called home from the STD booths he would always be enquiring about the crops if they were sown and watered. I Always coaxed him to let go of the village and get back to the present engineering course which he was pursuing but I believe that this orientation was his strength. He has the ability to be involved in different areas and at the same time be detail oriented. He stuck to his roots but his curiosity and interest have aided his expansion. I wish him and Virtual Voyage College all the best in his endeavors!

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