International Alliance

The elevation and implementation of knowledge are now crucial and at the core of all aspects of development. Workplaces today are increasingly becoming multicultural and diverse. Hence, International exposure at the college level is important to enable students to break out of the stereotypes and generalisations and learn to work as a team with people across cultures.

The disciples Virtual Voyage College is into, are modern day career courses. We aim to provide excellent global exposure, widening the domain of thoughts, abilities and practices of the students. In our international alliances with established universities, any International celebrity, Business tycoon or Achiever can share their knowledge with our students through skype or satellite classroom training.

International exposure broadens the vision and enhances the personality of students. Exchange program provides the student with cultural exposure and global perspective. Thus we have in past & intent in future to collaborate with renowned foreign universities for exchange and twinning programs of students wherein they go to these places for week or month for various assignments and workshops. In other programs, the student will complete two years with Virtual Voyage and third year in any foreign University.

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