Sport Activities Cell

Champions keep playing until they get it right.
Virtual Voyage College pedagogy structure dictates holistic development & “Learning by fun.
Sports is essential for 360-degree development and is an integral part of Passion & inner growth of character, so we focus on promoting the hidden abilities, manifest the underlying potential of VVC students.
Be it promoting Physical Workout in partnership with renowned gyms, Healthy living workshops & sessions; Or our Annual sports meet during annual fest- “Mirage” where numerous sports competitions for fun & real action like Kabbadi, Sitoliya, Cricket, Badminton, Football, kho-kho, various runs, relays, volleyball etc are organized.

Our sports cell is also keenly engrossed in sponsoring, participating & organizing state level, Sports events like Marathons, Cricket tournaments, University annual inter-college sports events etc. In fact, many of our students are State level & National Players/winners from very diverse Sports streams & Athletics.

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