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Product design is concerned primarily with the relationship between products, systems and those who use them. The product design programme at Virtual Voyage inculcates user-centric approach and processes. Responsibility and concern towards the social, physical and ecological environments are emphasized in the process of developing innovative ideas.

The product design programme assimilates inputs in diverse domains such as human factors, cognitive ergonomics, form studies, studio skills, advanced CAD, research methods, design management, materials & manufacturing processes & social sciences. Emphasis is on a process-centric approach which shapes a student’s education through participation and teamwork. Design projects form the core of a product designer’s education, with a gradual increase in the level of complexity and cover broad areas that product designers are likely to encounter in their professional careers.

Students are actively encouraged to participate in collaborative projects with industrial houses, social sector, government & MNCS design projects can be broadly classified into domains of:

Design for industry: explores creative opportunities for partnerships with small, medium and large scale industries across India to develop core competencies in design and manufacturing for a globalized presence. Projects focus on products and services for consumer needs, manufacturing, and economic impact.

Design for the quality of life: explores unique social and cultural responses to existing and emerging technologies as reflected in the creation and adoption of everyday objects of life. Projects focus on design and development of products and services that improve the quality of living in home, office and public environments.

Design for healthcare: explores a growing movement among designers to design cost-effective healthcare solutions for people who have no / limited access to institutionalized health care. Projects leverage the power of design thinking to find unique ways to address the basic challenges of health, survival, and progress faced by underserved populations in the Indian context.

Design for social impact: explores the role of design-led solutions at the national level to the infrastructural challenges of a rapidly growing Indian economy. Projects look at developing scalable solutions to problems of urban mobility, sustenance and social equity that are people-centric and embrace sustainable values.

Design for sustainability: explores the power of design to influence an ecologically responsible approach to the development of products, systems, and environments. Designers evolve new systems of development which improve the quality of life and the human experience, while simultaneously restoring the environment, rebuilding the community and creating a sense of oneness with the natural world.

Design-led futures: explores global trends, challenges, and opportunities to shape the future. Projects focus on the enormous challenges that India will face in the coming decades in terms of population, health, mobility, sanitation, energy, and ecology. Today’s technologies are used as a basis to project the future, and concepts generate frameworks to evolve and guide society and behavior in the future.

You will find the Virtual Voyage College as a big art gallery because the Best Fine Arts from our students are showcased in our corridors, adorned with various arts prepared by them. Indore, as well as Madhya Pradesh, is blessed with rich art & historical values, we encourage tours, visits in art galleries & sessions with famous artist & gallery owners to guide the students in their career post their graduation. Certified students of this course may work as artists, photographers or designers, or in art galleries, museums or cultural organizations, teaching or arts administration. Virtual Voyage College guides students in placement & starting their career as Fine art experts by motivating them to participate in many exhibition & conducting such exhibitions for art fraternity. Virtual Voyage College one of the Top Fine Art Colleges in India.

Various Career prospects :

  • designing
  • modeling
  • producing prototypes
  • testing
  • Run galleries
  • Art directors
  • Cartoonists
  • Art Professors
  • Work at: Newspapers & magazines

Top companies to work with:

  • Tata Elxsi
  • Fisheye
  • Ticket Design
  • Design Directions
  • Divine Design Factory
  • Unlike Design Co.
  • Zatun
  • Dynamite Design
  • Litmus
  • Thatzit
  • Designworks
  • IDEO
  • Alessi
  • Seymourpowell
  • Karten Design

  • Chief Mentor

  • Appreciation From The Industry

    Appreciation From The Industry

  • Core Team

    Core Team

  • Guest Mentors

    Guest Mentors

Various Career prospects :

  • Degree from Makhanlal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita evam Sanchar Vishwavidyalaya – Bhopal
  • Visits in the best Art Exhibition & Galleries
  • Learn from the established artists.
  • Tours & visits to art capitals of India
  • To supplement theoretical knowledge with practical exposure, numerous guest lectures by experts are organized on regular basis.
  • Distinctive workshops on murals, 3d models, lifestyle products with different material exploration and techniques are conducted by experts from all over the country.
  • Fully air-conditioned & Spacious classrooms equipped with the latest teaching aids, network connectivity and equipped with the latest audio-visual aids to facilitate presentations which makes learning a truly stimulating experience.
  • The infrastructure of college; classes and studio are built according to the course requirement. It facilitates necessary setups required for practical learning.
  • Spacious Studio facilitates soundproof recordings, chrome shoots, shooting floor etc.
  • The college has all the required and necessary equipment for the smooth functioning of various programs.
  • The College has a well-stocked reference library. The internet facility is also available for students.
  • Foster DIY (Do It Yourself), for in-depth learning by enabling the research work and case studies as a mandatory part of our curriculum.
  • Association with National and International employers in the industry gives us an extra edge in the development of the curriculum.

B.Des. In Product Design – 4 Years 

Eligibility Criteria – 10+2 (Any Subject/ Discipline)

It includes the study of how a product is designed and what the other aspects of a product are. It also includes the particulars such as; Marketing, the understanding of how a customer perceives the product, etc.
Students learn about research methods and processes of design and management through it.
Virtual Voyage adds up the thorough education of each individual by presenting the top-notch facilities and teaching staff to the students with a revised and well-structured curriculum.

Year – I

Elements of Design Principles of design
Colour Theory Geometry II
Geometry I Digital Photography Theory
Enviromental Studies Human values & Ethics
Design Foundation-I(Sketching & Drawing & Beyond) Design Foundation-II(Sketching & Drawing & Beyond)
Engineering Graphics Material exploration II
Material exploration I Visual composition
Computer applications I

Year – II

Form & Space I Product Drawing II
Material and Processes Ergonomics
Product drawing I Model making Techniques
Product presentation Basic mechanics and electricity
Computer applications II ( CAD ) 3Ds Max modeling Texturing & Lighting
Design methodology Project:Basic Product Design

Year – III

Product Styling Design Management
Research Methodology Interface and user experience design
Product Photography-II Independent Studies
Computer Applications III Case Study – Thesis
Crafts Workshop I Industrial Visit (Part of Semester VI)
Project- Display and Control Design Project

Year – IV

Rapid prototyping Graduation Project
Summer Internship (Part of Semester – VII) Final Portfolio
Portfolio Design
Project: Technically complex product

M.Des. In Product Design – 2 Years  

Eligibility Criteria – Graduation (Any Subject/ Discipline)

It includes the study of how a product is designed and what the other aspects of a product are. It also includes the particulars such as; Marketing, the understanding of how a customer perceives the product, etc.
Students learn about research methods and processes of design and management through it in an advanced and precise manner to turn them into professionals who can further grow into quality product designers.

Year – I

Principles of design Form & Space
Digital Photography Theory Material and Processes
Material exploration Product drawing
Visual composition Professional Documentation
Product Photography Project : System Design
3Ds Max Product Modeling 3Ds Max Product Modeling
Project- Display and Control

Year – II

Ergonomics Portfolio Design
Rapid prototyping Final INTERNSHIP
Interface and user experience design
Summer Internship (Part of Semester – III)
Project: Technically complex product

Certificate Course in CAD/ CAM – 3/6/12 Months 

Eligibility Criteria – None (Anyone can do it)

This certification course is about training students about how a product is designed as a basic level with an advanced knowledge of CAD/ CAM. The duration of this course is 1 year and there is no need for any qualification for this course.
We at Virtual Voyage look forward to making dedicated and devoted students a part of this course with our faculties and strive together with them continue to make their dreams come true.

Menakshi Lakhotia

Virtual Voyage has given me great confidence in achieving whatever I want in life. Its a very nice place to experience studies in a different way.

Menakshi Lakhotia, BUSINESS OWNER


Menakshi Lakhotia, BUSINESS OWNER

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