Education Loans

Unconventional Education has gained a lot of momentum in recent years due to its high employability ratio. Keeping in vogue with the fast changing scenario, vocational education has diversified itself in the fields of Art and Design, Media and Entertainment, Information technology, Tourism, Retail, Beauty services etc. and therefore,Government of India, RBI, National Scheduled banks and Multinational Banks are aggressive to extend the loan assistance to the deserving candidates. Many of the Virtual Voyage students in the past have availed the loan facility from banks; further banks are keen to support financial aid to students who intend to pursue employment oriented courses.

Virtual Voyage College will assist in providing all the required documents to the applicant.
You can coordinate with the admission cell for further queries.

* The bank logos are the property of the respective banks.

* The decision to sanction the educational loan completely lies in the hands of the respective bank’s as per their rules, regulations and policies.


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