The admission process at Virtual Voyage comprises of the following steps


STEP 1:- Come And Meet Us

Admission seekers are requested to spare good amount of time to explore our web presence (specifically Website and Facebook Page) and for further queries and assistance, they must come and meet our course coordinators personally at our city office or at campus premises. They can also call/ SMS/ whatsapp us at 9300920000 for scheduling a prior appointment.

STEP 2:- Fill The Enquiry Form

During the candidate’s visit to the city office/ campus premises, they have to fill the enquiry form, Which gives us an overview and opportunity to determine the true potential of the prospective candidate. While undergoing this process, candidates can even request for a counseling session with the higher authorities and can possibly get guidance on any specific queries, in person.

This furnishes all personal and educational details; the interest area, course that student is applying for, educational background, eligibility for scholarships, place where candidate is hailing from and much more. The information furnished in the form further supports us in administering the right career guidance and what the applicant hopes to seek. This also allows the admission committee to evaluate sincerity of the candidate.

STEP 3:-  Ask for Experts’ Guidance

As mentioned earlier, the candidate can request a free counseling session by the team of experts; Counselors, Career Specialists, psychometric analysis experts etc. Our career advisors provide complete and detailed information about all the disciplines & consider the student’s wishes/choices on various appropriate career prospects.

With proper career counseling by experts on request, student can find the right career options suitable for them. It can help students clear all the doubts by giving them a clear cut view of what they can expect from various courses. Some students might also have preconceived beliefs about certain fields; counseling session also helps students and parents to overcome these, by bridging the gap between facts & myths associated with creative fields; enabling them to take the decision with full confidence, clarity and faith.

STEP 4:-  Campus Visit

The importance of campus visit cannot be undermined rather the visit is crucial and important in choosing the right college.

There are number of institutes which provide such an education that submerges merely in       4-6-8-10 roomed campus, still they call themselves a college. Visit our campus and understand the difference between any tiny institute/ academy/ class and a grand/ huge lavish education hub like Virtual Voyage.

Visiting a campus gives an opportunity to get firsthand view and answers to important questions. Which you even don’t ask or want to ask. It helps to get true feel of the environment and students studying along with a chance to evaluate ambience, facilities, social life, culture and academics of the University.

STEP 5:-  Personal Interview

This allows the Admission Committee to evaluate how sincere and diligent you are towards your career.

This particular round clarifies every bit of confusion between the applicant and our admission cell.   It is basically held to examine candidate’s efficiency and capabilities which can further help him to cope-up with the guidelines of Virtual Voyage. Further, through this interview the candidates are expected to showcase their aspirations, motivations and achievements till date in order to obtain a transparent picture of them. This one on one discussion helps the interviewee to determine applicant’s competency and aptness for the course of his choice.

It provides unique information for assessment generally not apparent on the written enquiry form. Students in turn get an opportunity to discuss their personal goals, academic interests, readiness for college, and reasons for their selection.

STEP 6:-  Admission Process Formalities

The wrap-up of all formalities involves filling of the admission form and submitting all the listed documents along with the fee in admission cell.

STEP 7:-  Congratulate yourself for joining Virtual Voyage

We welcome you on board.