Virtual Voyage College of Arts & Design, Media & Entertainment, IT/ITes & Management, is a ginormous venture which is dedicatedly persistent in giving right direction to the capable youngsters. For such a Herculean task, many big achievers and industry leaders of the country have helped us at various levels.

“If you get, give. If you learn, Teach”
Keeping these thoughts, in order to repay something back to the society, many eminent professionals and leaders from diverse & varied industries, mentor our students regularly. They share their knowledge and wisdom frequently through classroom training, Skype, emails, chat rooms, discussion forums and other means of Smart Classes. Virtual Voyage College Students are now blessed with so many proficient Guest Mentors, due to strong network & hard work put up by our foundation pillars, core team & faculties; which makes sure, that right from the inception their career students are an active part of Industry. Here are some famous faces you may find in the corridors of Virtual Voyage College spreading their light & wisdom among our students.